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Thursday, May 13, 2021

The CIA sent a team of 4 operators on a spy mission targeting China. None came back. | Yahoo News

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Stephen Stanek, Michael Perich, Jamie McCormick, and Daniel Meeks were men of different skill sets that were entrusted to surveil a small piece of land off the island of Luzon. Tropical Storm Higos blew into the Pacific but was expected to veer away from the mission area according to meteorologists. Stanek and Perich would dive on the island to place a technology disguised as a rock that would be able to detect Chinese Naval Ships. As the mission was set to go, the storm did not turn away as expected. The CIA had a tracking beacon on the ship that followed the ship right into the storm until it disappeared completely. The men nor the ship were ever found. Four stars were added to the CIA Memorial wall in Virginia in their honor.

Source: https://news.yahoo.com/the-cia-sent-a-team-of-four-operators-on-a-spy-mission-targeting-china-none-came-back-090041816.html

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