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CTC Sentinel August 2020 issue | Combating Terrorism Center

CTC Sentinel August 2020 issue | Combating Terrorism Center

Covid-19 has brought concerns to scientist and military leaders of biowarfare. Bill Gates recently explained that a bioterror attack with a high death rate is a “nightmare scenario.” J. Kenneth Wickiser, Kevin J. O’Donovan and others write and discuss the possible threats of malicious use of synthetic biology. It is a technology that is rapidly and then diffusing faster than realized. The Department of Chemistry and Life Science at the U.S. Military Academy explain that “synthetic biology has ‘placed the ability to recreate some of the deadliest infectious diseases known well within the grasp of the state-sponsored terrorist and the talented non-state actor.” As the continuation of 2020 continues to bring to light new problems, Tomasz Rolbiecki, Pieter Van Ostaeyen, and Charlie Winter explain in their writings the critical need for the military and policy makers to consider what is at stake.

Source: https://ctc.usma.edu/august-2020/

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