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How to attract candidates to hard-to-fill positions | Forbes
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How to attract candidates to hard-to-fill positions | Forbes

A valuable employee is out there waiting for your hard-to-fill position. It may require a specific skill set that only a few have or maybe a background that is high in demand. To have an effective recruitment process, HR can consider how the job is reflected in these postings focusing on the work culture and providing positive reviews from current employees. Recruiters should provide a good impression of how appealing it is to work in the company since job candidates are also looking for the best fit. Take advantage of the power of social media and referrals by including recruitment videos or updating the companies’ Glassdoor profile to entice the best candidate for you.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephanieburns/2020/08/15/how-to-attract-candidates-to-hard-to-fill-positions/#46592f885a1c

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