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Service members face manslaughter charges in death of Special Forces veteran in Iraq | Up News Info

The contractor sustained Injuries to his skull and died days later as a result. However, the day of the fight the Marines were told by the bouncer to stay inside and wait for the contractor to leave after demonstration of clear tensions between the groups. The man who died, Richard A. Rodriguez, was a retired master sergeant as well as a father and a husband. Navy Chief Petty Officer Eric S. Gilmet, Gunnery Sgt. Daniel A. Draher Jr. and Gunnery Sgt. Joshua S. Negron are claiming that they acted in self-defense and helped Rodriguez afterwards, however they are facing manslaughter charges.

Source: https://upnewsinfo.com/2020/08/03/service-members-face-manslaughter-charges-in-death-of-special-forces-veteran-in-iraq/

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