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Unexploded ordnance found on ship anchor | Business Mirrors
By Public Affairs Office, Philippine Coast Guard - Tanod Baybayin (Philippine Coast Guard) official Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/PhilippineCoastGuard.Official, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52756034

Unexploded ordnance found on ship anchor | Business Mirrors

The unexploded ordnance was found in the port of Batangas attached to the anchor of a ship owned by 2GO Company. Security measures were taken for the other vessels surrounding the area. The Philippine Coast Guard safely recovered the highly explosive ordnance from the starboard anchor of the MV St. Ignatius of Loyola at past 9 p.m. It took an hour for the ordnance team to remove Projectile 155 MM, High Explosive Unexploded Ordnance from the ship’s anchor. The investigation is still ongoing as the origin of the explosive remains unclear.

Source: https://businessmirror.com.ph/2020/07/20/unexploded-ordnance-found-on-ship-anchor/

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