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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Western and northeast states set ambitious goal for electric buses, vans and rigs | Forbes

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Fifteen states and the District of Columbia are envisioning a transition to an alternative eco-friendly use of electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles by 2050. According to CARB Researchers, trucks are the most dominant source of air pollution, representing 70% of smog-causing emissions and 80% of diesel soot. The California Air Resources Board announced it would begin requiring truck manufacturers to adapt to electric fleets in 2024 and there will be zero emission in every new truck sold by 2045. The development of these advances in technology and transportation is still in its early phase and one challenge dominant is the expansion of the number and locations of charging stations. The speed of charging must improve over current technology, yet the lower costs of electricity more than offsets the higher upfront premium fleet operators will pay for most EVs.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/greggardner/2020/07/14/western-and-northeast-states-set-ambitious-goal-for-electric-buses-vans-and-rigs/#cab0fee18395

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