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Military tragedy remembered in Townsville | 9 News
Flickr by West Poitn. Public Domain Mark 1.0

Military tragedy remembered in Townsville | 9 News

This tragedy would go down in history as the worst peacetime loss of life for the Australian Defense Force. The tragedy occurred when two aircrafts in a six aircraft formation collided into each other in the air. Among the lives lost were soldiers from the Army’s 5th Aviation Regiment along with the Australian Defense force. Currently this training exercise has been retired after being deemed too dangerous. The Townsville soldiers are being remembered in a memorial to reflect on the lives lost and altered in 1996.

Source: https://www.9news.com.au/national/black-hawk-helicopter-crash-training-accident-deadly-tragedy-1996-commemorated/640d88f5-af6a-46b9-ac37-5aa2f91da0a7

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