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Yesterday we aggregated and summarized a May 20th Task & Purpose article entitled “Harley riding, tequila-drinking Navy SEAL nominated to oversee special operations at the Pentagon.” This was a mistake on many levels. I take full responsibility and I wish to publicly apologize to Lou Bremer.

First: The Task & Purpose article was nothing more than what we call “article spinning” in the media world which means a regurgitation of old media with enough alternative content to avoid copyright infringement. The Schogol article was a spin on an article written by Wesley Morgan of Politico on September 8th, 2019 entitled “Tequila-drinking Navy SEAL in the running to oversee elite troops.” Interestingly, even the article title in Task & Purpose was a direct line up to the Politico piece.

Second: I have a hard rule at SOFX to stay out of politics. The Politico article was a politically motivated article to discredit President Trump’s nomination of Lou Bremer for Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity conflict. Therefore, the Schogol article was refried nonsense attempting to advance the idea that Lou Bremer might be unfit to serve as ASD SOLIC given his background as a former Navy SEAL and recent problems in Naval Special Warfare. This argument is about as dumb as saying anyone who served in Congress is unfit to lead Congress given the problems that some Congressional members have been having recently. It is quite literally, that idiotic.

Third. I know Lou Bremer personally and served alongside him for years at SEAL Team 8 both Stateside and Overseas. I have seen first-hand the quality of his leadership and his ethics. I was thrilled to hear of his nomination because he is exactly the type of leader and frankly skilled businessman that the Special Operations Community needs in these uncertain times.

I pledge to do a better job overseeing what SOFX aggregates so that mistakes like this don’t happen again. And I deeply apologize to Lou Bremer for the mistake my organization and I made yesterday. I hope he will accept that heartfelt apology.

Sam Havelock, CEO, Founder, SOFX.

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