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Death of the office | 1843 Magazine
Source: Pixabay by fururd. Pixabay License.

Death of the office | 1843 Magazine

The East India Company in London had one of the first office buildings in 1822. One of the employees using the office wrote a letter to a friend, and instead of talking about the revolutionary idea, he talked of how wearisome an office is and how miserable he was. Now many people work from an office building, confined to the four walls and rows of desks during the peak hours of the day. However, with offices being emptied all across the country due to the coronavirus, many people have expressed they do not want to go back and work better from home. Would we be better off working from home without long commutes and strict hours, but perhaps less structure?

Source: https://www.1843magazine.com/features/death-of-the-office

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