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Operacion Gedeon in Venezuela | Aurora Intel
Source: The Kremlin, President of Venezuela

Operacion Gedeon in Venezuela | Aurora Intel

Allegedly two former U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers were detained in a failed attempt to overthrow the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.  The Venezuelan government reported also that several former members of the Venezuelan armed forces were also captured with several killed in action.  Several pictures online show an expired U.S. Army CAC card as well as a VA identification card.  The U.S. Government has denied any knowledge of the failed coup attempt.  Another former Green Beret, Jordan Goudreaus, claims in a video that his men conducted a “daring amphibious raid.”  Goudreaus is a member of the private security firm, Silvercorp based in Florida.

Source: https://auroraintel.net/south-america/operacion-gedeon

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