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Operacion Gedeon in Venezuela | Aurora Intel
Source: The Kremlin, President of Venezuela

Operacion Gedeon in Venezuela | Aurora Intel

Allegedly two former U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers were detained in a failed attempt to overthrow the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.¬† The Venezuelan government reported also that several former members of the Venezuelan armed forces were also captured with several killed in action.¬† Several pictures online show an expired U.S. Army CAC card as well as a VA identification card.¬† The U.S. Government has denied any knowledge of the failed coup attempt.¬† Another former Green Beret, Jordan Goudreaus, claims in a video that his men conducted a ‚Äúdaring amphibious raid.‚Ä̬† Goudreaus is a member of the private security firm, Silvercorp based in Florida.

Source: https://auroraintel.net/south-america/operacion-gedeon

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