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Thursday, May 6, 2021

USAA reverses course on seizing federal stimulus checks | Express News

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USAA has received backlash these past few days as they began taking stimulus check funds from overdrawn accounts to cover the fees and transactions. Despite this being common practice for funds that are deposited into overdrawn accounts, USAA has announced they will allow these customers to access the full stimulus check amount. Currently they will pause the withdrawal of funds for 90 days after the check is deposited. USAA has also announced they are working on a plan for those with delinquent loan balances as millions of Americans are put out of work due to the coronavirus. Treasury officials have commented that there is nothing in the CARES Act to prevent banks from using the checks to cover these negative balances like any other deposited funds.

Source: https://www.expressnews.com/business/local/article/Reports-San-Antonio-s-USAA-seizing-federal-15205147.php

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