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Quarantine: How to prepare for possible coronavirus infection | CNN
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Quarantine: How to prepare for possible coronavirus infection | CNN

With the coronavirus continuing to spread, it is important to be prepared ahead of time. While there is no guarantee that you or a loved one will not contract the virus, making sure your family is ready can help put nerves at ease and assist you if someone does become ill. First, make sure everyone is well connected with phone numbers, emails, and addresses in case of emergency. Also, be sure to have a list of any pre-existing health issues as well as the phone numbers for doctors or other health professionals. The two most helpful ways for avoiding the virus are cleanliness and social distancing. Washing your hands and household items are important, but don’t forget about your car, door handles, and consider wearing gloves or wiping down public surfaces such as fuel pumps. Also, stay home and away from crowds as much as possible, and try to limit trips out on public, such as going to the grocery store.

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/25/health/how-to-prepare-for-coronavirus-quarantine-wellness/index.html

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