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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Somali National Army launches action to oust al-Shabaab from Janaale | The Defense Post

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The Somali National Army and Danab forces were successful in taking back the town of Janaale from al-Shabaab fighters. They were able to recapture the Janaale bridge and drive all militants away from the area. Somalia’s information ministry and media outlets have both reported that the city is officially back under government control. Janaale had been under al-Shabaab control for years and the terrorist network had been fighting to gain traction in Somalia since 2006. Since 2011 the African Union’s Mission in Somalia had been able to largely keep the militants out of Mogadishu, but they had been able to control more rural areas. The recent takeback of Janaale was a part of Operation Badbaado, a mission to regain control of areas south of the capital.

Source: https://thedefensepost.com/2020/03/17/somalia-janaale-al-shabaab/

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