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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Take spring break at home for two weeks starting now | Feld Thoughts

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With schools beginning to close across the U.S., students are going to be having an extended spring break. Instead of traveling during this time off however, stay home in order to prevent unnecessary exposure of yourself and your family. Also, work from home if possible, in order to prevent taking vacation days and cut down on the number of childcare hours needed. If you do fall into these categories look into how you can help other in your community who will be greatly impacted, such as hourly workers and those in the restaurant industry. Lastly, shop wisely, as obsessively stocking up on toilet paper won’t prevent you from catching the virus and only adds to the panic buying cycle.

Source: https://feld.com/archives/2020/03/take-spring-break-at-home-for-two-weeks-starting-now.html

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