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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Opinion: The Afghan peace deal and its eerie parallels with Vietnam | Statesman

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While some are calling the peace deal between the Taliban and the U.S. a success, or a big step in the right direction, others are looking to the past for answer. The conclusions being drawn by those considering history are that the peace deal is showing a lot of similarities to the endgame in Vietnam. Up until the war in Afghanistan, Vietnam was the longest war the U.S. participated in. However, just two years after we left Vietnam in hopes of peace, the North invaded the South and unified communist rule. Now, many are wondering if the Taliban is barely holding back their excitement as the U.S. and NATO withdraw from Afghanistan so they can regroup and come back stronger than ever in a newly free breeding ground.

Source: https://www.statesman.com/opinion/20200310/opinion-afghan-peace-deal-and-its-eerie-parallels-with-vietnam

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