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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Two local veterans inducted into Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame | Crestview News Bulletin

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Two local veterans, former Army medical officer Dr. Eddie Zant and the late Air Force Col. Michael Flynt have been inducted into the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame. Retired Air Force Col. Michael Flynt who passed away in 2017 was inducted due to his service and for helping found the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance. The nonprofit works to ensure clean waterways and promote the health of the watershed. Dr. Eddie Zant was recognized for giving free hyperbaric oxygen treatments to veterans who were suffering from concussions and TBIs. This treatment increases the amount of oxygen that the patient’s cells are receiving and boosts the immune system and other organ functions.

Source: https://www.crestviewbulletin.com/news/20200309/two-local-veterans-inducted-into-florida-veterans-hall-of-fame

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