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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Politics of Special Operations | An SOFX Original – Sam Havelock, SOFX Founder & CEO

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When we created SOFX we did so under the belief that the Special Operations Forces (SOF) and private military contractor community is better served with a daily resource that would aggregate the world’s news about them. Failing to understand what is happening in open source popular media with reference to our community is the equivalent of believing what you hear in response to “mirror, mirror, on the wall.”

We tried to constrain news that the community is not proud of into a category of news called Department of Mayhem, but that doesn’t fully address the challenge of how to deal with SOF related news with a nexus to politics.

This week we created a category of editorial special handling procedures called SOF GONE POLITICAL (SGP).  When SOF or former SOF members become politicians, lobbyists, operatives, or proxies they cease to maintain an apolitical stance.

We will make a case-by-case decision to re-publish or share any news about people who have been flagged as SGP.

You may have noticed how hard we try to avoid publishing news about the President specifically and politics generally.  We run the editorial desk with a simple mandate:  If we wouldn’t be comfortable pinning a clipping of a political article to the memo board in a team room or sharing it on TEAM WIDE distribution email, we won’t post it on SOFX.

Here is why. The SOFX platform, like the military, needs to remain apolitical.  We don’t have a political opinion. We serve the people who are paid to carry out the decisions of politicians, not conduct political influence operations with the power of the SOFX platform.  There are very good reasons why the most lethal people on earth should avoid politics. It is super basic if you think about it.

SOFX’s corporate mission is to fight evil and avert suffering at scale. The SOFX Media Units’ subordinate mission is to fight evil and avert suffering at scale by providing information and connectivity of extreme value to special operators and a global network of high impact people.

Our great intention was and remains to enable the community to celebrate our victories and the victories of all high impact people who share the systems of beliefs that make special operations special.  We believe in the boundless and indomitable spirit of human beings to fight evil and avert suffering.  Jumping into the political fray simply takes us out of alignment with our higher purpose.


Sincerely, Sam Havelock, CEO, Founder, SOFX.

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