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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Russian Special Forces received new virtual reality simulators – What does the training entail? | Communal News

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The Russian Special Forces (VDV) have begun to use virtual reality in order to complete paratrooper training without actually jumping. Designed by Man & Technologies Lab, the simulation involves the use of a $1,430 helmet. The Odin helmet has 4K resolution, laser tracking system, and a 110-degree view. Soldiers in the simulation stand on a platform while wearing their gear and the helmet. The virtual reality helmet then syncs with outside factors to create an experience that allows the user to feel like they are actually skydiving. This can ultimately save money, allow for more training, and prevent injury by having less jumps.

Source: https://communalnews.com/russian-special-forces-received-new-virtual-reality-simulators-what-does-the-training-entail/

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