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Sunday, May 9, 2021

The role of Snipers in the Donbas Trench War | Jamestown Foundation

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The Donbas war has the perfect environment for snipers as trenches are sometimes only 100 meters away from each other. It is estimated that a third of Ukrainian soldiers were killed by snipers. Russian troops used mortars, grenades, and machine gun fire to force troop movement. Once their position had been revealed the Russian snipers picked them off. Most of Ukraine’s designated marksmen were selected from special forces units since the military doesn’t have a distinction between a marksman or infantry sniper. They also had hardly any professional snipers that met the NATO standard. Ukraine has had to build their sniper program from almost nothing and now has rigorous sniper training programs and schools, making them effective up to 2,500 meters.

Source: https://jamestown.org/program/the-role-of-snipers-in-the-donbas-trench-war/

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