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Marines seek training agreement with Destin | NWF Daily News
Source: Source: U.S. Marine Corp / Sgt. Scott Achtemeier / https://www.marsoc.marines.mil/

Marines seek training agreement with Destin | NWF Daily News

Marine Forces Special Operations Command has proposed military training to take place in Destin over the next five years. The operations would include raids, surveillance, and helicopter operations. The training would be based at Eglin Air Force Base, but low-visibility training would be incorporated into the surrounding areas. Staff Sgt. Rob Safford of the 3rd Marine Raider Battalion commented that the training would allow troops to encounter more real-world scenarios and better prepare them for different environments. No direct contact with the local general public would occur, and the training would not alert any citizens nor be noticeable. The memorandum would allow the city to refuse activity involving firearms.

Source: https://www.nwfdailynews.com/news/20200215/marines-seek-training-agreement-with-destin

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