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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Special Forces of Indiana a ‘safe place’ for veterans readjusting to civilian life | The Southside Times

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John Spanogle was on his way to Afghanistan to complete Special Forces training a month after the 9/11 attacks. When it was time for him to return home and rejoin the civilian lifestyle, he struggled like many other veterans. “When you get out (of serving active duty), you lose your identity. You train 13 weeks to be in infantry, but you’re trained for five days to be a civilian (again),” commented Spanogle. While he eventually settled down and acquired a good job, PTSD set in. In 2014 he met another SF veteran, Jeremy Miller, and the two decided to work on opening a chapter of the Special Forces Association in their hometown. After jumping through hoops and showing extreme dedication, the Special Forces Association Indiana Chapter 500 is now open.

Source: https://ss-times.com/special-forces-of-indiana-a-safe-place-for-veterans-readjusting-to-civilian-life/

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