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Art therapy helps veterans combat PTSD | WCYB 5
Source: Image by bodobe from Pixabay

Art therapy helps veterans combat PTSD | WCYB 5

“I found a way to express feelings that I didn’t even know I had. It changed me, got me going on my life and turned my life around. I’m happy,” commented Josh Paul, a Marine Corps veteran suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD. U.S. Army veteran Tommy Farmer teaches an art class, “Warrior’s Canvas,” for veterans struggling with PTSD and the adjustment to the civilian world. Paul said the class has changed his life and allows him to express his feelings through a healthy outlet. VA facilities nationwide are also beginning to offer art therapy classes as a rehabilitation treatment for those with mental and physical disabilities.

Source: https://wcyb.com/news/local/art-therapy-helps-veterans-combat-ptsd

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