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Saturday, May 8, 2021

John Wayne made ‘The Green Berets’ on the Alabama border; see the vintage set photos | AL.com

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Starring John Wayne, “The Green Berets” was caught in the crossfire by those who opposed the Vietnam War. Filmed in 1967 at Fort Benning, the movie took place at Fort Bragg and followed a team of Green Berets who are deployed to South Vietnam. Released during the war, President Lyndon B. Johnson and the U.S. Department of Defense worked with the filmmakers and military cooperation. The film was a commercial success, but some critics opposed the subject matter, calling it inappropriate to romanticize any war effort in Vietnam. Wayne believed the negativity directed toward the film was actually more focused on the war and its’ opposition.

Source: https://www.al.com/life/2020/01/john-wayne-made-the-green-berets

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