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Army: No Medal of Honor for Bill Albracht | Dispatch and Rock Island Argus

Bill Albracht from Rock Island is credited with saving the lives of 150 men and their escape from an outpost in the Central Highlands of the Republic of Vietnam when he was only 21-years old. At Fire Support Base Kate, North Vietnamese troops attacked on the day Green Beret Captain Albracht arrived, outnumbering his men 40 to 1. He was awarded the Silver Star for his actions in the escape, but some people believe he deserved to be awarded the Medal of Honor. A classmate of his from high school, Joe Murphy, has been working for over 10 years to see Albracht awarded the Medal of Honor. In December of 2019, however, he received a letter from the Army’s Awards and Decorations Branch stating the Secretary of the Army had disapproved the upgrade from the Silver Star.

Source: https://qconline.com/news/local/army-no-medal-of-honor-for-bill-albracht

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