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Review: The Sniper Anthology –Snipers of the Second World War | Argunners

The Sniper Anthology follows snipers in WWII that every historian should add to their collection. Some of the snipers written about include Bert Kemp, Patrick Devlin, and Simo Hayha. While snipers today are viewed as having immense skills and providing a necessary aspect to war, many used to hide their identity due to the negative stigmas surrounding the position. The authors of The Sniper Anthology come from all different backgrounds and areas of expertise. One is a sniper instructor, two of them are authors, one worked at the Royal Armories for 20 years, and the final author is a special forces and Navy veteran.

Source: https://www.argunners.com/review-sniper-anthology-snipers-second-world-war/

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