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York hockey team sees the benefits of ‘almost absurd’ Army Ranger training | Chicago Tribune

The York hockey team decided to forge deeper bonds among players by taking a taste of U.S. Army Rangers training. Dressed in military uniforms, sleeping in tents and participating in strenuous activities, the team spent a week together forging bonds that usually take months to build. Their coach, Marc Kapsalis, said “I think it’s just a life appreciation course. I don’t think a lot of them had to go through that adversity. Everybody has to pick up their load and carry it. If someone is falling behind, you help them.” Many of the teammates were opposed to the idea at first. Looking back now, though, they say it was a blast.

Source: https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/oak-brook/sports/ct-dob-boys-hockey-york-army-training

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