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Visiting Soldierstone, a hidden memorial in Colorado honoring forgotten war veterans | CBS

An unmarked field located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado contains a memorial to war veterans. Made out of granite, the few who find it often do so by accident and wonder how it got there. Former Green Beret and Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Allen Beckley is the soldier behind “Soldierstone,” having served in southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. After training and serving with a secret army made up largely of Hmong and Lao descent, Beckley was haunted by the sacrifices of foreign fighters that went unnoticed and unspoken. In 1990 he began to work on the memorial with a stone mason, where it contained 36 stones that weighed 300 pounds each. Beckley finished it in 1995 shortly before he passed away.

Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/soldierstone-a-hidden-memorial-in-colorado

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