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Video apparently showing flight PS752 missile strike geolocated to Iranian suburb | Bellingcat

A video of the flight PS752 missile strike has been geolocated to a residential area in Parand, a west suburb of Imam Khomeini International Airport. The Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 (PS752) had just departed to Kyiv when it was supposedly struck by a Russian-made Iran missile. The source video shows many geographic elements that can also be seen with satellite imagery. While it is unclear to why the person holding the camera was filming at the right time, it is possible that there were two missiles; the first missile could have prompted the person to start taking a video. Despite this video footage, photographs of Tor M-1 fragments have not yet been verified. The people who captured the images have not come forward publicly yet.

Watch Video Here:  https://www.bellingcat.com/news/mena/2020/01/09/video

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