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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Should you avoid meat for good health? How to slice off the facts from the fiction | The Conversation

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It’s a new year, and more than half of Americans make eating healthier their New Year’s resolution. It is common for most people to be confused on the role that meat has in health. One group of experts might say red meat and processed meat are not good at all for health, while another group might say that they are fine in moderation. At the same time, the plant-based diet is the current fad that has a few uncertain health effects. Who can you believe? Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist and professor of nutrition, has compiled a list of myths and a list of facts pertaining to meat. One myth that Mozaffarian debunks is that red meat is good for you. Eating a modest amount of unprocessed red meat is “relatively neutral” to health, studies suggesting that there is no benefit. Eating processed meat “even occasionally” has been linked to colorectal cancer. One fact is that processed meat is bad for health. Processed meat contains nitrites, sodium and heme, as well as other carcinogens. It is important to be aware of labels that say “no nitrates or nitrites added,” because they likely contain “nitrite-rich” fermented celery powder.

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Source: http://theconversation.com/should-you-avoid-meat-for-good-health

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