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How to buy a vitamin supplement | Outside Online
Source: Photo by Angel Sinigersky on Unsplash

How to buy a vitamin supplement | Outside Online

The average person can reach their nutrition needs with only a balanced diet. Vitamin supplements have been shown to largely only be needed in cases of deficiency, making the marketed catch-all multivitamins useless. Outside Online has come up with a method to help you choose which vitamins you need, and which ones can be beneficial to your health. Working with your doctor or dietitian is the easiest and most accurate way to find out if you have any deficiencies. Skip the online quizzes that claim to find answers for you based on how much spinach you think you eat a week, and always follow the dosage recommendation on the bottle or what your doctor says.

Source: https://www.outsideonline.com/2406912/how-to-buy-vitamins

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