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NYPD: Times Square safest place on Earth for New Year’s Eve | WFMJ
Source: By Andrew Muller - Imported from 500px (archived version) by the Archive Team. (detail page), CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=74050201

NYPD: Times Square safest place on Earth for New Year’s Eve | WFMJ

According to New York City’s counter-terrorism czar, the “safest place on Earth” on New Year’s Eve is Times Square. For the Eve’s festivities, thousands of police officers and specialized units were on duty.  The specialized units were armed with guns and “bomb-sniffing” dogs. The police also has drones to keep watch over the celebration in the area. These various security measures increase the chances of identifying a problem before it actually occurs. John Miller, the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counter-terrorism said (at the time of the event) that Time Square would be the safest place on Earth because of the kind of security measures put in place.

Although there were extensive security measures, there were no actual threats to the event, according to Police Commissioner Dermot Shea. The event brings thousands of people to Manhattan. The streets were closed off to traffic, and everyone that showed up was required to be wanded with metal detectors. Personal drones, backpacks, coolers and chairs were prohibited. And although New Year’s is notorious for the popping champagne, it was also prohibited.

Source: https://www.wfmj.com/story/41506494/nypd-times-square

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