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‘A whole division, just watching through the windows,’ Russian special forces veteran explains where the FSB’s response went wrong | Meduza

On December 19th, a lone Evgeny Manyurov attacked the FSB with an automatic weapon. It took the police and federal agents over an hour to subdue him, with reports that some of the men injured were actually a result of friendly fire. Dmitry Tselyakov, a Russian special forces veteran answers questions on what went wrong and what led to the confused scramble. Tselyakov said that right from the start with how orders were given out of turn and too late set the responders up for failure. He also believes Manyurov didn’t shoot a single civilian, and the damage was done by their own law enforcement.

Source: https://meduza.io/en/feature/2019/12/24/a-whole-division-just-watching

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