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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Leaked videos show SEALs describing Gallagher’s conduct | CNN

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According to video recordings of interviews from The New York Times, members of SEAL Team 7 Alpha Platoon described Special Operations Chief Eddie Gallagher as “toxic” and “evil.” After President Trump intervened on Gallagher’s behalf, the war crimes case has gained national attention. Special Operator First Class Corey Scott said, “You could tell he was perfectly O.K. with killing anybody that was moving.” The members from SEAL Team 7 Alpha Platoon also accused Gallagher of shooting a 12-year-old and that he targeted civilians. This is the first time the members have spoken publicly about the case. Gallagher’s reaction to all this was “surprise” and disgust,” and that he was in disbelief that they would tell “blatant lies.” Gallagher said, “Their lies and (Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s) refusal to ask hard questions or corroborate their stories strengthened my resolve to go to trial and clear my name.” His lawyer, Timothy Parlatore, said the interviews contained many falsehoods, and that a “clear road map to acquittal” has been formed.

Gallagher was convicted in July for posing in a photo next to a dead ISIS fighter, which is against regulations and brings discredit to the armed services. For the death of an ISIS prisoner in Iraq, Gallagher was acquitted for premeditated murder. The prosecution’s key witness ended up testifying that he was responsible for the death of the prisoner, not Gallagher. Special Operator First Class Corey Scott, said that he saw Gallagher pull a knife on the prisoner and stab him in the collarbone. On cross, Scott said he actually never saw blood from the stabbing, and then claimed that he was responsible for the prisoner death by holding his thumb over his trachea tube, suffocating him. Scott claimed it was an act of concern; Iraqis would end up torturing him because he was a prisoner of Iraqi forces.

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/27/politics/eddie-gallagher

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