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Thursday, May 13, 2021

How Tesla proved the haters wrong | arsTechnica

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For the first time in the company’s history, Tesla’s stock rose above $400, proving doubters wrong. In 2008, Tesla’s finances were precarious, and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy until they “narrowly escaped.” In 2010, there was less than 1,000 units of the Roadster, the Model S being years away from coming to market. Since then, people have doubted Tesla, predicting that they would run out of money and would not be able to raise more. Not only that, but because of past quality issues and missed deadlines, critics believed the Tesla brand was sour. Those critics have been proven wrong though.

Despite quality issues and missed deadlines, customers still have enthusiasm for the company. Many of Tesla’s features have helped customers overlook setbacks. These features include over-the-air software updates, instant acceleration, and the vast supercharger network. The 2020’s are predicted to be phenomenally better than the 2010’s. Tesla started production in Shanghai, where their second largest car factory is located; Third car factory in Berlin has also started production.

Source: https://arstechnica.com/cars/2019/12/tesla

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