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Sunday, May 16, 2021

US slaps sanctions on Iran’s biggest airline and shipping group | CNBC

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Iran’s largest shipping company and biggest airline are facing fresh sanctions that were imposed by the U.S. The Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, E-Sail Shipping and Mahan Air are being targeted because they are supposedly aiding Iranian regime’s alleged proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. To give customers time to adjust, the sanctions will take effect in 180 days for IRISL and E-Sail. Sanctions on Mahan Air will take immediate effect. Mahan Air allegedly transports Iranian weapons and personnel to Syria according to Germany and France, two countries that announced a ban on them. Despite these sanctions, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says they are determined to overcome them either through negotiations or by bypassing them. Following the series of attacks in the Persian Gulf this summer, these sanctions are another ‘brick in the crumbling edifice between Washington and Tehran.’ Claiming that a US aircraft was over their territory, Iran shot it down with surface-to-air missiles in June. That strike followed attacks on two oil tankers that occurred a week before, which came after an attack on four tankers in May. The U.S. held Iran responsible for all.

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/12/11/us-slaps-sanctions-on-irans-biggest-airline-and-shipping-group.html

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