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Monday, June 21, 2021

Certificate programs vs. bachelor’s degrees | U.S. News

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While many people believe a bachelor’s degree is the only way to get on a path to a successful career, community colleges and certificate programs surprisingly have better outcomes, according to a recent report. They have the highest return on investment 10 years after enrollment, can lead to higher wages quicker, and require less student loans. While bachelor’s degrees have requirements outside of a specific area of study, certificate programs focus directly on specific skill-sets, taking half the time to complete. Ideas of what an ‘elite’ education is may start to change as tuition increases. Students should start focusing on the specific field of study, rather than the institution, itself. To a degree, what matters to a career is the field of study, not just the college that someone attends. Four years to complete college is an ‘arbitrary’ amount of time that has now become a standard for completing a college degree, specifically a bachelor’s degree. Does it take that long to educate someone in a specific field? Do all fields require that much time? When deciding on college degrees, these questions are crucial to ask, especially as tuition increases.

Source: https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/paying-for-college/articles/certificate-programs-high-paying-jobs-minus-the-debt

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