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Saturday, May 8, 2021

How to train like Martins Licis, the world’s strongest man | Men’s Health

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Martins Licis, a man with enormous shoulders and 30-plus-inch thighs, has been named the World’s Strongest Man for 2019. A typical weight-lifting session involves lifting a load of 605 pounds, and his training partners do not spot him, because they are awfully unsure how to spot a man that has a quarter of a ton of weight on his back. It is awe-inspiring. While most people do weight-lifting a specific way, known as the ‘correct’ way, Licis lifts any and every way he can. He has had challenges that surpass lifting 605 pounds. The man pulls airplanes, cars and trucks, and his way of training for that calls for ‘building a resilient body that can handle challenges from all angles.’ He says he picks of heavy weights the way he would pick up groceries–‘it’s really the most functional training there is.’ This training is known at the ‘strongman training.’ Licis says that although this seems intimidating, ‘strongman training is for everyone.’

Ebenezer Samuel, Men’s Health director and certified fitness trainer, spent three days training with Licis. And although he was also awe-struck by the amount of weight Licis is willing and capable of lifting, he reiterates Licis’s statement, ‘strongman training is for everyone.’ Yes, there are exotic lifts of unimaginable weight involved, but the over-arching concept boils down to a typical action–‘pick up something, take it somewhere, and put it down.’ That’s strongman training. The competitions are for those who can do it the best. Due to sore knees, Licis has been toning it down with weight-lifting by lifting less, saying ‘no matter how much you lift, strongman exercises push your body to build fundamental core strength.’ In addition to that, he has fasted once a week to stay slim and maintain strength.

Source: https://www.menshealth.com

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