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World’s first ‘magic mushroom’ nasal spray for PTSD and depression | Health Europa
Source:   Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

World’s first ‘magic mushroom’ nasal spray for PTSD and depression | Health Europa

An Oregon company called Silo Wellness has designed a ‘magic mushroom’ nasal spray to make micro-dosing easier for people treating their depression and PTSD. Silo Wellness has roots in cannabis delivery modalities, and where psilocybin is legal, Jamaica, they have developed the nasal spray. The science behind this off-the-wall idea: through the nasal mucus membranes, Psilocybin goes directly into the bloodstream, where it eventually reaches the metabolizing factory known as the liver.  

It is very common for psilocybin patients to experience unpleasant side effects from taking high doses of mushrooms, such as upset stomach and vomiting. This is particularly common in women. The right dosage is vital. It is like any other anti-depressant, where it takes time for a person to feel the full benefits. People tend to ‘stack’ their dosages, taking more than prescribed so they can experience benefits quicker. Although that logic seems to be right, it is not and could leader to adverse effects. This is where the beauty of micro-dosing is revealed. This alternative has a faster uptake speed and can prevent accidental high dosage experiences for people on the plant-and-fungus-based medicine. 


Source: https://www.healtheuropa.eu/worlds-first-magic-mushroom-nasal-spray-for-ptsd-and-depression/95434/ 


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