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How to get through unexpected layoff—without settling for a job you hate | Business Insider
Source: Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

How to get through unexpected layoff—without settling for a job you hate | Business Insider

An unexpected layoff is exactly that: unexpected. It can happen to anyone due to downsizing, reorganizations, AI replacement, out-souring, re-locations and changes in leadership. Did you notice that list is relatively long, and not one reason was directed towards you? Although some people do get fired or laid off because it was something they deserved, it is still common to get laid off for something that is out of your control. In the words of Jeffrey Fleischman, an accomplished senior executive and the CMO of Altimetrik, ‘these events will test and shape you, and your response to them can change the way others think about you.’ Putting these events behind you is essential because, believe it or not, people are watching you. Having immature behavior, such as being a frequent complainer or pouter, could deter others away from giving you an opportunity. Create a personal profile, which is not the same as a resume or CV. A personal profile gets to the core of who you are: what are your interests? Your core strengths? Goals? Companies or people you desire to work for? 

A mini-survival guide to the unexpected layoff, surviving unemployment and seeking other opportunities: (1) Be financially prepared, (2) Become a passive job seeker, (3) Network 24/7, and (4) know what you want. ‘While you will experience stress when door closes, be optimistic about the opportunities that will emerge when new doors open.’ 


To get more in depth with the wisdom from Fleischman and his mini-survival guide, click the link below. 

Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-get-through-unexpected-layoff-2019-11 

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