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Ewoks are the most tactically advanced fighting force in Star Wars | Wired
Source: Flickr photo by Jan S0L0 // CC By-SA https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Ewoks are the most tactically advanced fighting force in Star Wars | Wired

In the Star Wars universe, the Ewoks are the most controversial inhabitants. People either hate them or love them. These bear-like creatures, love them or hate them, are the most tactically proficient fight force. The franchise is about war, and most of the characters are bad at it. Even though the Empire has immense power on land and in space, they are horrible at it. Their solution to every battle is to keep throwing Stormtroopers and Tie Fighters at the problem. No indirect fire or close air support. Just a laughable synchronization of ‚Äėis everyone on the line and shooting in the generally same direction.‚Äô The Ewoks, however, easily defeat a technologically superior force with their conventional military tactics. For example, when the Stormtroopers are deceived and lured into the forest in pursuit of droid helpers R2D2 and C3PO, the Ewoks ambush them and unmask multiple direct fire positions. The Imperial Force is surrounded with multiple threats, and the Ewoks successfully disperse them. This is when the Ewoks destroy them in detail. The Imperial Force is segmented, vulnerable. While the troopers are faced with ground obstacles, they are also faced with close air support gliders and armor from above. To further canalize the troopers, the Ewoks engage with indirect fire on mounted and dismounted targets. Simply by using conventional military tactics, the Ewoks ‚Äėmanage to overwhelm and completely defeat a technologically superior force.‚Äô

Source: https://www.wired.com/story/ewoks-star-wars-tactics-endor-moon/

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