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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Ending the war on drugs would be better than escalating it: Ron Paul | Orange County Register

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A 50-year long war that has exhausted numerous resources and infringed on civil liberties has no chance of success. The war on drugs has cost hundreds of billions of dollars and continues to grow. President Trump recently announced his efforts to have Mexican drug cartels labeled as terrorists due to violence south of the border. Ron Paul strongly speaks out, stating that combining the War on Drugs with the War on Terror would only escalate things. One solution that he prescribes is to look at the cause of the problem. The reason that drugs are so profitable for Mexican suppliers is that the U.S. market is ‘ravenous’ and wants it. Illegal or not, it is in demand by the U.S. market. In a recent study, the steady decriminalization and legalization of marijuana decreased the average Border Patrol agent’s collection of marijuana by 78%. Paul believes removing the incentive of Mexican suppliers by steadily decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana could work at ending the War on Drugs.

Source: https://www.ocregister.com

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