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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Royal Navy Marines could be replaced | Plymouth Herald

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Creating a new Army Commando Unit by removing the Royal Marines from the Royal Navy and merging them with the Parachute Regiment is an idea that is being considered by the UK Armed Forces. The Ministry of Defense has claimed these reports are pure speculation, but the Armed Forces officers are saying otherwise. In order for the military to be more capable of fighting 21st century wars, ‘unthinkable’ cutbacks and changes could potentially occur, which is something that senior Armed Forces officers have been warned about. Similar plans were brought up in 2018 but were quickly shot down by the Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson. While the MoD has dismissed these ideas, they say they are open to money saving ideas, and that nothing is entirely off the table. For example, back in June, a Royal Navy spokesperson said that the Royal Marines are in a constant stage of evolving; they’re under review regarding their capabilities. Reports claim that there is a possibility they are being transformed into a Special Forces unit, working with the Special Boat Service. Despite their being different speculations on the future of the Royal Marines, common threads that tie it all together are: to keep their country safe and operate effectively anywhere in the world.

Source:  https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk

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