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Saturday, May 8, 2021

10 signs your employees aren’t right fit for their jobs | Inc.

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When an employee seems to be disengaged, not be working enough or as they should, it is often easy to blame them for their abilities; however, their abilities is not the only factor in work, but their ‘fit.’ Job hopping has become the norm these days, so it is extremely important for leaders to place the right people in the right role based on their skill-set and talents. According to Laura Garnett, a performance strategist and author, there are 10 signs that leaders need play attention to. If an employee shows several of these signs, the leader is encouraged to step in to have a constructive discussion: get to know that person, what their best at doing, what their goals are, and what they want out of a career. That leader might find that a different role within the company is a better fit, or they might find that the company, itself, is not the right fit. Either way, there can be a positive shift for that employee.

Source: https://www.inc.com

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