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Wynnewood bridge gets new name after fallen Oklahoma soldier | KXII News 12

Army Sergeant Major Christopher Nelms was honored by friends and family during a ceremony to display the new name of a bridge in the community. Renamed “Sgt. Maj. Christopher Nelms Memorial Bridge,” over 50 members of the community came out to see the sign. Nelms was killed during a free fall training accident when his parachute failed to open all the way last year. The Special Operations Command commented that he was a part of Delta Force and served with the Army Rangers and the Airborne division, having almost reached 20 years of service before his death. Sgt. Maj Nelms’s brother, Dennis Nelms, was the organizer of the dedication. Boasting about his brother’s accomplishments, he said ‘it was something out of a Tom Clancy’ novel,’ and that he was always fearless.

Source: https://www.kxii.com

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