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Saturday, May 8, 2021

In push for Africa, Russia’s Wagner Mercenaries are ‘out of their depth in Mozambique’ | The Moscow Times

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The military security companies who would normally win defense and security contracts have been losing to the Wagner mercenaries. Two large security companies commented on how they received perfect proposals for their company, but then lost them to Wagner. The companies said they couldn’t match Wagner’s low prices and high political connections; however, they also believe Wagner had just jumped into the deep end without really knowing how to swim. Reports have been coming in claiming Wagner men were being ambushed, killed, and captured.

Two Mozambique sources said that seven Russian soldiers had been killed in October; and that overall, ‘Wagner has been struggling’ and had no experience in this type of environment. The primitive environment of Mozambique is one of the toughest environments in the world due to lack of infrastructure, hospitals, and roads. It is ‘primitive bush warfare,’ says veteran South African journalist, Al Venter. A couple of anonymous sources from the Mozambique military commented that after a number of failed attempts, there are growing tensions between the mercenaries and Mozambique Armed Forces. “They don’t understand the culture, don’t trust the soldiers, and have to fight in horrible conditions against an enemy that is gaining more and more momentum. They are in over their heads,” said Jasmine Opperman, a terrorism expert in South Africa.

This whole situation just raises bigger questions: They have to be expanding, but how? Where do they get their recruits, and are they less picky in choosing them?

Source: https://www.themoscowtimes.com

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