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Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple offer defense in congressional antitrust probe | Reuters

As part of its antitrust probe of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee sent queries to the top tech. companies. Due to privacy lapses and allegations, these companies have seen their reputations tarnished, and were very quick to not answer and to defend their practices. Many questions were not answered. When some were answered or commented on, the ‘answers’ were vague. For example, even though Google has a huge collection of data on search queries and clicks, when asked about them, Google said they could not provide much information on that. When asked to provide the dollar amount on the creation of Apple’s map app, Apple answered with ‘billions.’ Facebook provided limited information on their prospective competitors and would not disclose much on the ‘circumstances’ that lead to remove an app on their platform. Amazon would not provide any answers related to their pricing structure and how much their revenue and profit is regarding private label products.


Source: https://www.reuters.com

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