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Sunday, May 9, 2021

SEAL team reunites for first time after years of secrecy | Branson Trilakes News

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A Navy SEAL team reunited almost 50 years after their secret mission in the Gulf of Tonkin. At the 23rd Annual Military Gala & Banquet put on by the P.O.W. Network, the members were able to reunite and meet each other’s families. Operation Thunderhead was a mission run by 14 SEALs who attempted to aid POW in the Hoa Lo prison. Unfortunately, the mission didn’t go as planned. Rough seas and weather required the SEALs to come in by helicopter, jumping into the water. One man was killed on contact and others were injured, while small boats and submarines sank. Despite the mission carrying on for a month, no POW were found due to them being temporarily relocated by the Vietnamese.

Source:  http://bransontrilakesnews.com

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