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The tragic data behind black Friday deaths | The Hustle
Source: Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash

The tragic data behind black Friday deaths | The Hustle

11 people have died since 2006, with over 100 being injured in the Black Friday scuffle. The National Retail Foundation estimates that over 50% of the country’s population will participate in Black Friday this year, nearly 114.6 million people. Each year there is another news story pertaining to the death or serious injury of a shopper crushed by the rush of people in the stores. Some of the injuries discovered were bizarre, such as when a woman pepper-sprayed another shopper over a barbie doll. Around 20% of all incidents happen when the doors first open, and another 11% happen in the parking lot, usually over parking spaces. If one is nervous about Black Friday related injuries, Walmart would be the store to avoid, with 70% of reported incidents taking place at the retailer.

Source: https://thehustle.co

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