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On Ukraine’s bleak front line, US aid saves lives and morale | AP News
Source: Flickr photo by Sasha Maksymenko “Ukraine army cuts off main road to Sloviansk” 2014 // CC By-NC 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/

On Ukraine’s bleak front line, US aid saves lives and morale | AP News

In the middle of the standoff between Russia and the West, U.S.-made medical equipment and weapons have made a difference for Ukrainian troops. Fighting the Kremlin-backed separatists without the U.S. aid, Ukraine continues to rely on aging Soviet-era weapons. The Trump administration has provided Javelin anti-tank missiles to the Ukraine soldiers. Soldiers say that they are not being used but are serving as a deterrent. It’s a confidence booster for Ukraine soldiers, a symbol for U.S. power and support.

Not only do they lack enough modern weapons, but they do not always have essential supplies such first-aid kits, helmets, and tents. This aid is ‘the difference between life and death’ for the Ukraine soldiers. This aid gives them hope, saves lives and raises morale. It can be seen with the shiny green, U.S. tents that serve as a triage point for a hospital in Chasiv Yar; the U.S. helmets that saved lives of numerous soldiers; and the U.S. first aid kits that have allowed soldiers to deliver quality emergency care to their wounded comrades.

Source: https://apnews.com

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